an social app for food lovers to share their food photos and eating experienceThey can find interesting restaurants by reading other’s stories. Stickers and filters are also provided to help them record the food and the restaurant.


You can try the digital prototype here: https://marvelapp.com/1ce6b3h

The main scenarios for the  tvOS version are:

  • Families are sitting together in the living room, sharing each other's eating experiences.
  • Families are discussing about where to eat.
  • One person looks through the feeds quickly to pass the time.

Considering the special scenarios and the features of a TV, I cut off the social functions including comments, like, and following. I also raise the level of "My favorites", which plays an important part during the sharing process.

There are also lots of design considerations for "feed" and "popular". Feed is the place you can see stories posted by the people you follow, which means that the one who posts it matters. So I designed it in a card shape, which you can know the stories, the photos and the person at a glance. "Popular" is the place you can see stories that are very quality, and have lots of comments and likes, like the editor's choice. For stories like these, you care more about the content than the person who post it. Also, stories like that usually have good pictures, which are very attractive to users. So the stories in "popular" section are shown in just pictures. When you focus on the story, you can learn about the people and the date.

I encourage my users to use it not only on TV but also on their phone. And I think that it is very annoying to open my safari, type in the address (what if the user is aged and hates typing!) and also type the code. So I use the QR code to sign in. The TV will show you a big QR code, and you can just simply open the app on your phone and scan it. This method of signing in is accepted and very popular in China. Thanks to Wechat, Chinese people are used to scanning almost every QR code they see. However, I realized people in America may have different habits. So I will test more on that.

You can try out the prototype here: https://marvelapp.com/hfcacb

Paper Prototyping

I tested my paper prototype on class, focusing on my users' expectation and their using habits.

Visual Design


You can try out the tvOS version here: