Exploring the universe in VR!

I was inspired by several rides in Disneyland where people can explore the universe. One of them simulates a spaceship landing on the Mars. It used screens as the space windows. When I was experiencing it, I felt so sick that I had to tell myself again and again that “This whole thing is not real. This is just like unity. Now the main camera is moving left…” Anyway, the sickness reminded me how my users were feeling when they were trying my first VR project because they walked too fast in the scene. Also, I remembered that the director of Gravity used a moving camera to create the feeling of floating in the space.

So I link them together, space, sickness, moving camera and VR. My project is about flying in the universe. At the beginning, you are able to look around. There is a subtitle reminding you that when you are ready, press space to start the trip. The trip is quite short, flying to the Earth and flying back. But during the process, you can observe other planets better and rotating with them.

I modeled all the planets in Cinema 4D.  At first I wanted to just model the solar system but I found out that it was much fun to create interesting planets.