Walking with the Ghosts

I created a Virtual Reality experience that users will explore a fantasy world with Ghosts. They need to follow everything the Ghosts do or they will experience being threatened and killed.conformity. I want to evoke thoughts about conformity, the relationship between the individual and the crowd and how we stuck in this dilemma in our reality life. The domains contains conformity, crowd psychology, sociology, psychology, and virtual reality.

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Working on the character design. I got inspired by Japanese Nol Mask.

Working on the character design. I got inspired by Japanese Nol Mask.

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To test the narrative, I even created a physical site. The set contains several desks and paper models. The desks are covered with white sheets and aligned along the sides of a half-meter-wide aisle. A swivel chair is placed at the end of the aisle. The participant were asked to sit on the chair, where he can control the speed of moving and the rotation of camera just like what he will actually do in the VR experience. At the same time, the participant needs to hold a camera phone on his forehead to simulate using an Oculus and also record what he sees.  You can check the documentation video here.

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